Faith Statement

Cross Vision: Changing perspectives....for Goodness sake

Mission: To educate youth, parents, coaches, organizational leaders, etc., on Biblical /proper perspectives and attitudes associated with leisure time pursuits and everyday life circumstances.

Values: Foresight Ministry programs will focus on developing a persons heart for God, and equipping them to be a positive influence on others. Our ministry will target and teach around the following characteristics:

Godliness: Foresight programs content and teachings will demonstrate and inspire character that is reflective of God.

Witness: Foresight programs will demonstrate and model character that is honoring to God and witnessed by others.

Faithfulness: Foresight programs will reflect and instruct all to rely on faith regardless of circumstances.

Foresight Programs are non-denominational and are based on the Holy Bible: believing there is only one God in existence, in three persons- God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.